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"Baanaadi" is an attempt to explore the psyche of a young boy dragged between his own natural comfort‐zone of a village‐school and the alien atmosphere of an externally imposed Public school.


Baanaadi also tries to focus on the broader question of what Education is, and the role of elders in shaping the future of children. Kishore, a young boy, is happily rooted in the village‐school and is living under the loving care of his grand‐father. The whole ambiance is quite supportive for his creative pursuits and cultivation of Human Values. His father (Avinash) comes from abroad, after eight years, to see his son. Unhappy to see Kishore in a village‐school, he shifts him to a City School, much against the will of Kishore & his grand father. Unable to adjust himself to the new atmosphere, he runs away from the School and reinvents himself in the company of well meaning & supportive Folk ‐Artists.

What changes come about with this association?? 

Does he get to see his father & grandfather



Director's Note

Baanaadi is my FIRST FILM as a DIRECTOR. Before this, I had sufficient experience as a Producer/ Director/ Writer / Actor in handling Production of Plays and also as an Actor / writer / Lyricist in Films/ Television/ Radio. But Directing a film for the first time had its own challenges. Even as my friends & well‐wishers supported the idea, I had to find a producer first. I discussed this matter with Sri M. Nagaraju, who had been observing my activities for sometime. He was not averse to the idea. But being new to the field, he had a lot of questions, and even apprehensions. After carefully evaluating all related matters, he agreed in Principle. But he made it very clear that the subject had to be something very absorbing, Children and socially relevant. Many subjects were discussed & rejected. One fine day, when I proposed my own Book USIRU, it drew his instant approval as a Subject of universal value to both Children & Elders alike. We worked on it for value‐additions, renamed it as Baanaadi. The Film was completed without a hitch, thanks to the Producer & the whole Team.


About Director

Born in 1965 in a remote village, NAGARAJA KOTE is a self-made man in the true sense. Poverty & family commitment did not allow him to study beyond Matriculation. Even during student‐days, he had to earn a living by serving in the canteen of Touring Theatres. It is there he developed a passion for Acting, which became his profession in later years. He also learnt his job as a Compositer, and ran his own Printing Press for a while. He has made a name for himself as a comedian in Theatre / Films /Television / Radio. He has also penned & directed 10 Plays and more than 100 skits which have seen scores of shows. His own troupe 'NAGE LOKA' has performed nearly 2000 shows all over Karnataka and won accolades. He has acted in more than 50 Films. His humour based VCDs are also popular. His involvement in Social and Environmental issues are also note‐worthy. A play performed on tree‐branches [Limca world record‐2005]. He is the recipient of Karnataka Govt's RAJYOTSAVA AWARD (2010 ); Felicitation at the 77th Kannada Sahitya Sammelana held at Bengaluru..


About Producer

M. Nagaraju is the Proprietor of a leading Printing Press in Bengaluru. He has an innate desire to involve himself in meaningful contribution to Society. The thematic content of Baanaadi naturally attracted his attention, and he came forward to support this Film as the Producer and his maiden venture.



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